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The energy transition in Western Canada (Webinar)

Author(s): Stephen Poloz, Brad Wall, Sander Duncanson

Mar 31, 2021

Energy transition has become an essential issue to address – particularly in Western Canada. While Canadian oil and gas will likely continue to play an important role in meeting global energy demands today and in the future, to succeed in the face of growing pressures to reduce carbon emissions, the Canadian energy sector will have to do what is has done in the past – innovate, adapt and show that Canada can be a global leader in safe, clean and affordable energy products, such as geothermal, lithium and hydrogen.

In this webinar, Stephen Poloz, Special Advisor to Osler and former Governor of the Bank of Canada, and Brad Wall, Special Advisor to Osler and former Premier of Saskatchewan, explain the economic benefits and imperatives of energy transition, as well as the role government can play, in a discussion moderated by Sander Duncanson, a partner in Osler’s Regulatory, Environmental, Aboriginal and Land Group.

That conversation is followed by a discussion featuring leading legal and environmental specialists – Jessica Kennedy, a senior associate from Osler’s Regulatory, Indigenous and Environmental Group, and Brian Fuchs, Vice President-Operations at Matrix Solutions – who will address key environmental and regulatory considerations related to geothermal, lithium and hydrogen development in Western Canada. Experts from Osler and Matrix recently co-authored Emerging technologies in energy: Environmental and regulatory considerations for Western Canada, a three-part series that explores these important issues.

These engaging discussions provide valuable insight into energy transition, and the tremendous opportunities – and uncertainties – it presents.

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