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Commercial Contracting for Innovation and Growth (in-person and virtual webinar)

Author(s): Michael Grantmyre, Simon Hodgett, Katherine Goddard

Nov 30, 2022

When preparing consulting and software development agreements, it is essential to have effective assignment clauses in place for contractors who are not employees. This can help prevent potential copyright or intellectual property issues arising further down the road. This was just one of several tips provided during our Commercial Contracting for Innovation and Growth in-person and virtual webinar event, hosted by Michael Grantmyre, with presenters Simon Hodgett and Katherine Rusk.

The contract should also define the scope of services, the costs involved, set out expectations for deliverables, and have a generous termination clause in the event a project contributor does not work out. It is all a matter of knowing what you have asked for and what you have paid.

Other topics covered during this session included licensing, use of data, non-disclosure agreements and confidential information, customer agreements, collaboration agreements, and playbooks.

Watch the full webinar