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Energy transition opportunities for Canada and Indonesia - webinar

Author(s): Shawn Denstedt, KC, Frank Turner, Brad Wall

Jan 25, 2022

Ongoing co-operation between the public and private sector will be required to address the impact of climate change and provide solutions for energy transition and decarbonization. This was a central theme that emerged from a webinar involving industry leaders, senior government officials and legal experts from Canada and Indonesia. Osler was represented by Shawn Denstedt QC, vice chair, Western Canada; Frank Turner, partner, Corporate; and Osler special advisor Brad Wall.

Shawn’s view is that policy and law should support the ability of private enterprise and governments to implement projects and change that provide the basis for sustainable development, focused not just on energy, but on the economy and social development as well. He says that Canada and Indonesia have a great opportunity to work together on climate change and energy transition initiatives that will be successful for the planet, our economies and our people.

Frank took a Canadian regulatory perspective and informed the audience that the federal government and provinces have been active in promoting energy transition in this country, including promulgating legislation that is aimed at reducing emissions. He says that, in Alberta, for example, funds raised from the carbon tax are used to support energy efficiency initiatives and the use of alternative fuels.

In Brad’s view, it will be important for Canadian provincial and regional interests to be represented in the upcoming trade negotiations between Canada and Indonesia. Several provinces have developed energy transition technology, for example, which can be applied outside Canada. The Western provinces in particular have a strong export trade relationship with Indonesia and will be looking to develop this further.

Watch the Canada-Indonesia energy transition webinar