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Artificial Intelligence: A primer - webinar

Author(s): Adam Kardash, Sam Ip, Wendy Gross

Mar 7, 2023

With artificial intelligence (AI) rapidly transforming the world and becoming a part of our everyday lives, it is essential to understand the social, business and legal implications of this technology and how to manage or mitigate potential risks. Osler has launched a webinar series to help foster a greater understanding of where AI is heading.  Our inaugural session, focused on explaining what AI is, was led by Sam Ip and Dr. Annie Lee, assistant professor at the University of Toronto, with an introduction by Adam Kardash and closing remarks by Wendy Gross.

In the new age of AI, data has become a critical asset for many companies. The handling of this information is largely being left in the hands of data scientists and machine learning engineers. With the handling of data comes potential risks. For example, ChatGPT has a memory component which stores images used for constructing models. This can raise concerns about privacy and copyright infringement. Other data processing risks include bias, reputational and regulatory.

The second webinar in this series takes place on March 30 and will focus on AI data-related issues, including intellectual property and privacy considerations. Register now for this event and subscribe to this series.

View the full inaugural webinar