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Canadian and U.S. due diligence requirements under modern anti-slavery legislation (webinar)

Author(s): Alan Kenigsberg, John M. Valley

June 22, 2023

Although Bill S-211 (Canada’s modern anti-slavery legislation) does not come into effect until early next year, companies impacted by this legislation need to prepare now to meet their reporting obligations, according to a recent webinar. Presenters were partners Alan Kenigsberg and John Valley, and guest Arthur Bodek, a partner with GDLSK’s New York office.

Companies or organizations impacted by Bill S-211 will typically be those listed on a Canadian stock exchange, have a place of business here, do business in this country, or have assets in Canada. To comply with this legislation, affected entities will need to provide an annual report made publicly available and include, among other requirements:

  • Information about the parts of its business and supply chains that carry a risk of forced labour or child labour being used and the steps it has taken to assess and manage that risk.
  • Training provided to employees on forced labour and child labour, and
  • How the entity assesses its effectiveness in ensuring that forced labour and child labour are not being used in its activities and supply chains.

Watch the full webinar