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Developments in self-regulatory frameworks for digital advertising (webinar)

Author(s): Adam Kardash

Mar 29, 2023

Osler’s privacy team consistently fields queries about digital advertising and its related challenges and opportunities. In an effort to help clients stay up to date about this complex and evolving area, the focus of the February 2023 AccessPrivacy call was to provide a snapshot of self-regulatory frameworks in the digital advertising ecosystem. Hosted by AccessPrivacy lead Adam Kardash and Osler partner Joanna Fine, the roundtable discussion featured a panel of industry experts: Lou Mastria, executive director, The Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA); Julie Ford, executive director, The Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada (DAAC); Sonia Carreno, president, The Interactive Advertising Bureau of Canada (IAB Canada); and Jill Briggs, head of policy and regulatory affairs, IAB Canada.

Together, the panelists offered an update of the most recent developments in the digital advertising self-regulatory landscape, including

  • an overview of the mandates of the DAA, the DAAC and IAB Canada
  • the evolution of self-regulatory frameworks, such as AdChoices, for interest-based advertising
  • the privacy-related concerns that the sector is facing, and the balance between collecting meaningful marketing insight and protecting consumer interests
  • the challenge of complying with ever-changing and disparate legislation and regulations
  • a discussion of the transparency and consent framework (TCF) initiative launched by IAB Canada

Watch the webinar