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Q1 2024 Economic Update with Stephen Poloz (webinar)

Mar 7, 2024

As interest rates remain elevated in the Bank of Canada’s fight against inflation, businesses and families are feeling the pinch. Though growth is flat and unemployment is low, per-capita consumption spending is falling and many are anxious about the possibility of a recession.

Osler Special Advisor and former Governor of the Bank of Canada Stephen Poloz and National Co-Chair Maureen Killoran explored these and other economic stories in their first quarterly webinar of 2024.

Topics discussed during their conversation include

  • the Canadian investment climate
  • the wide range of potential outcomes the Bank of Canada is watching for
  • how strong oil prices and government spending are holding up the economy
  • rising business insolvencies
  • the expected impacts of the Trans Mountain Pipeline, electrification and other long-term investments
  • the anticipated effect of artificial intelligence on the labour market, as the country faces a worker shortage

Stephen’s unique experience and keen insights on complex economic and market forces make this essential viewing for business professionals and investors.

Watch the full webinar