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Themes and trends in the global privacy arena: A conversation with Elizabeth Denham and Martin Abrams of The Information Accountability Foundation (webinar)

Author(s): Adam Kardash

Sep 27, 2023

The September 2023 AccessPrivacy Call featured an engaging discussion with Elizabeth Denham, former U.K. Information Commissioner at the Information Commissioner’s Office and currently Chief Strategy Officer at The Information Accountability Foundation (IAF), and Martin Abrams, IAF’s Chief Policy Innovation Officer. During the webinar, AccessPrivacy lead Adam Kardash moderated a broad conversation with the two privacy experts who provided their perspectives on the themes and trends in the evolving global privacy arena.

Over the course of the call, Adam and his guests weighed in on developments in the area and considered a number of topics, including

  • Canada’s role in and impact on the evolution of privacy law 
  • the characteristics of effective modern data protection authorities (DPAs)
  • the innovative ways DPAs and organizations are coping with the burden of privacy legislative schemes
  • the key legislative and enforcement trends in the global privacy arena
  • the privacy challenges raised by the processing of personal information in the AI context

Tune in to the webinar to find out more about how the enactment of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) set off “rights envy” around the world and why digital regulation is a team sport.

Watch the webinar