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How the new take-over bid rules will change Canadian M&A for buyers and targets

Author(s): Robert Lehodey, KC, Noralee Bradley

May 25, 2016

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) transactions, whether large or small, have inherent complexities that need to be clearly understood and properly addressed in order to ensure a successful deal.

In addition to navigating through these obstacles, Canadian businesses looking to engage in M&A deals must also contend with a multitude of strict regulations. But recent amendments to the take-over bid rules are changing the Canadian M&A landscape even more. That means companies need to be increasingly mindful of the various rules and regulations in order to stay compliant in this heavily regulated space.

In addition to helping you stay abreast of compliance issues, this presentation arms both buyers and targets with the strategic framework to drive informed decisions based on the following:

  • An overview of amendments to Canadian take-over bid rules
  • How buyers may approach targets differently
  • How you can structure/time transactions to take advantage of the new rules
  • What to do with Rights Plans
  • What other tactics should be considered
  • How the new regime may change the Canadian M&A landscape