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AI, Machine Learning & Big Data 2019: Canada — Global Legal Insights

Author(s): Simon Hodgett, Ted Liu, André Perey

July 2, 2019

The rise of Artificial intelligence (AI) over the past several years has been swift and steady. Real, practical-use cases for AI such as chatbots, image and facial recognition and robotic process automation are starting to be deployed across industries, and advocates across the globe are predicting that AI will fundamentally reshape the ways in which we live and transform the consumer and business experience.

Canada, propelled by a stellar research community and an innovative and dynamic ecosystem, has been at the forefront of AI advancements for decades and has gained notoriety for being a global AI hub. In the Canada chapter of AI, Machine Learning & Big Data 2019 by Global Legal Insights, Osler Technology partners Simon Hodgett and Ted Liu, along with André Perey, a partner in Osler’s Emerging and High Growth Companies Group, offer an in-depth look at the AI landscape in Canada. Topics covered include the following:

  • Canadian trends, significant developments and investments in the AI space
  • AI-related issues including intellectual property, data rights, privacy and more
  • Implications for businesses including ownership of AI and allocation of risk

For more information, read AI, Machine Learning & Big Data 2019: Canada, published by Global Legal Insights, or download the PDF.

DOWNLOAD PDF: AI, Machine Learning & Big Data in Canada