Best practices for the legal department of tomorrow

The legal landscape is rapidly evolving. Social media, budgeting demands and new technologies are transforming the way legal work is being done, placing greater pressure on in-house counsel to deliver more with fewer resources in an increasingly complex legal sector.

Embracing and adapting to this fast-paced, technology-enabled legal environment is key to your legal team’s success (both now and in the future), but it can also be challenging. Staying ahead of these trends, maximizing the opportunities that they bring and being prepared for what’s next — whether it’s incorporating AI tools, legal process improvement or controlling risks from social media — is crucial to proactive matter management and the implementation of cost-effective solutions.

Osler’s team of Litigation and Dispute Resolution experts has established a new - webinar series, Best practices for the legal department of tomorrow, which offers practical tips and insights on developing strategies to best position your in-house legal team for success in this ever-changing legal landscape. Each section of this series will examine a different topic or challenge that could impact your legal team. Available in webinar, slide deck and a PDF summarizing the key takeaways from each topic, this series will help you navigate the following issues:

Part 1: How Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and new technologies are changing today’s legal services

The legal industry is undergoing a time of fundamental change and it’s crucial to understand how those shifts are affecting the evolving role of technology in the delivery of legal services.

Check out these resources to learn more about

  • Current trends in AI, machine learning and new technologies
  • The growth and development of artificial intelligence
  • The best ways to gain efficiencies and how legal technologies can help you

View the webinar and download the slide deck


Part 2: Legal process improvement and efficient strategies for in-house counsel

Learning how to deliver more for less is becoming increasingly critical to lawyers’ success, and improving legal processes is an important step in achieving that goal.

Check out these resources to learn more about

  • Leverage Lean Six Sigma principles to streamline legal processes
  • Focus on the key elements of value and waste
  • Apply litigation efficiency tools to your practice

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Part 3: Document management and discovery: Tips, traps and best practices

Streamlining document review and production is critical to containing costs and improving efficiencies on litigation matters. Steps can, and should, be taken even before litigation is contemplated.

 Review these resources to learn more about

  • Implementing pre-litigation processes for maximum preparedness
  • Preserving potentially relevant data and litigation holds
  • Leveraging technology to reduce costs associated with document collection, processing and review

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Part 4: Social media: Risks and best practices

Understanding the potential risks associated with social media use – whether legal, reputational or human resource-related – is essential for today’s companies, and implementing policies and strategies to mitigate those risks is simply good business.

 These resources provide valuable information about

  • The broad range of social media risks
  • The complementary roles played by legal and public relations professionals
  • The importance of developing comprehensive social media policies in the workplace

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