Osler Works – Disputes

Disputes, done right

Osler Works – Disputes provides end-to-end litigation support services that range from pre-claim risk assessment through to trial and appeal. Using advanced AI and analytics technology, process improvement and our alternative delivery centre, we automate and simplify high-volume, repeatable litigation tasks. We are continually developing and assessing new technologies to streamline processes and increase efficiencies across all litigation matters to provide better value for your legal spend.

Osler Works – Disputes uses a three-pronged model to ensure that our clients always receive the highest quality service offering at the lowest cost:


We are continually monitoring the ever-changing legal technology landscape to ensure we are using market-leading products to get the job done right, on time and at a lower cost. And when we find that the technology we need doesn’t currently exist in the marketplace, we develop it ourselves.


We are continuously reviewing and revising our processes to ensure we are meeting your needs – delivering the highest quality service, in the most efficient way possible, without duplication of effort.


Our in-house team in Toronto performs the work you need at the right cost. We ensure that the right person is performing the right task at the right price point.

Working with our interdisciplinary team of technical analysts, litigation law clerks, litigation support specialists, project and case managers, staff lawyers and other experts, you will see how Osler Works delivers e-discovery and litigation support solutions that serve your business and bottom line.

Our services

Discovery Management

Combining advanced AI and analytics software, proven processes, legal expertise and strategic partnerships with vendors enables us to execute fast, efficient discoveries.

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Undertakings Management

By organizing and tracking answers to undertakings, under advisements and refusals in our home-grown collaborative tool, we make the sometimes-painful undertakings process more organized, efficient and accurate.