Representing Confluence, Créateur de Vocations

The Pro Bono Cause

Confluence - Créateur de vocations, is a non-profit organization focused on the interests of performing artists. Since its creation in Quebec in 2015, Confluence's mission is to support artists in the various transitional phases related to their artistic, professional and personal path, whether they are at the beginning of their career, mid-career or in a period of retirement, through various programs. The organization also actively participates in international conferences and research projects, contributing to the evolution of the dance community.

Since spring 2019, Confluences has proven itself to public authorities by examining the effects of its programs on 20 artists in 4 disciplines - actors, musicians, choreographers and circus artists.

The Osler Pro Bono Connection

Osler has a long-standing interest in the Quebec (Canadian?) cultural sector and has supported Confluence's mission for several years. With a team led by Osler partner Nathalie Beauregard, accompanied by associate Jean-Philippe Dionne and paralegal Julie Freire, the firm has represented Confluence on a pro bono basis in various matters involving charitable registration matters.

Volunteer Reflections

It is a great pleasure and privilege to work with the dedicated people of Confluence-Créateur de Vocations. I am proud to help them meet their legal challenges so that they can continue to help young artists in their various transitional phases. Nathalie Beauregard

François Laurin Pratte

Nathalie Beauregard: Corporate Partner