Cross-Border Markets

Opening and running a business in Canada can differ significantly from anywhere else in the world. Whether foreign-owned or domestic, all businesses operating in Canada have to navigate a complex regulatory and legislative landscape that impacts the way they do business. From consumer regulations and product labelling requirements, to labour laws and tax issues, businesses must be prepared for the numerous laws and policies that can affect their operation. So from the moment your company decides to establish a business in Canada, strategic planning is key.

Companies expanding into the Canadian marketplace face the complex and sometimes seemingly contradictory landscape of Provincial and Federal regulations. But unlike their domestic competitors, foreign companies don’t have the market experience or context they need to make sense of it all. Determining your operating structure and its tax consequences  requires thorough examination. Do you open as a branch division or subsidiary? What about franchising versus licensing? Or establishing a flow-through entity? Does Federal or Provincial incorporation make more sense? What is the best way to finance a foreign business operating in Canada? Should you own or rent your locations? From regulatory compliance to financial strategies, companies need support in navigating cross-border complexities.

Osler can help. Our lawyers have the expertise you need to make sense of the Canadian market and the experience you want to help you use it to your advantage. As a strategic partner in the success of your business, we collaborate closely with your company to gain a deep understanding of your operations. We offer smart and innovative solutions to ensure your company achieves its objectives for its Canadian venture.



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