Managing Critical Business Situations

The operation of a business, by its very nature, involves some element of risk. And while companies understandably focus on managing their economic risk, many fail to make the same effort when it comes to mitigating risk that stems from a business critical situation. Crisis can come in many forms: from product recalls, environmental emergencies, and class-action litigation, to regulatory compliance issues, shareholder activism, and even cyber-security threats. Regardless of origin, critical business situations can have an enormous impact on a company, threatening the prosperity, stability and even the existence of an organization.

It pays to be prepared. In today’s “always on” age of social media, a seemingly minor and contained issue can easily evolve into a major problem with significant consequences. Coupled with recent market developments such as increased regulatory oversight, the expansion of court jurisdictions, and media demands, businesses are more exposed than ever to crisis-related risks at home and around the world.

The threat of a crisis is a serious concern for business leaders because they know the risk is real. Nearly half of all companies experience some sort of a crisis over the life of the business and most General Counsel are neither prepared for, nor experienced enough to manage one when it actually happens. Add to this the likelihood that the impact of a crisis will extend into other areas of a business, and it becomes clear that most companies need outside help from an expert.

Thankfully, with some planning and the right support, businesses can proactively manage and mitigate their exposure to crisis-related risks. At Osler, our team of experts will work with you as a strategic partner in protecting your business. We focus on understanding your business and business needs to assess your areas of vulnerability, develop processes to anticipate and mitigate potential risks, and implement mechanisms to respond to a crisis situation. In the event of a crisis, our integrated network can act quickly across our areas of practice to provide you with a holistic, customized and dynamic legal response that will help contain the problem and reduce the impact on your business.


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