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In the summer of 1990, near the end of his Supreme Court clerkship with Justice John Sopinka, Mark Gelowitz was asked to co-author a book Justice Sopinka wanted to write about appellate law and practice. Over the next couple of years, they built The Conduct of an Appeal, from scratch. There was nothing like it in Canadian legal literature at the time. The first edition of the book in 1993 completed a Sopinka trilogy that began with The Law of Evidence in Civil Cases in 1974 and continued with The Trial of an Action in 1981. These books, as they evolve in subsequent editions, remain as a tribute to Justice Sopinka’s important contributions to Canadian legal scholarship.

In the time that has passed since the publication of the second edition of The Conduct of an Appeal in 2000, there have been many judicial and statutory developments in the subject matter of this work. Mark has endeavoured to capture and reflect those changes in a way that will be as user-friendly as possible for practitioners and academics alike.

As new developments in appellate law and practice occur, Mark comments on them in this blog.

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The Conduct of an Appeal
3rd Edition

This authoritative treatise on appellate practice, first authored by former Supreme Court of Canada Justice John Sopinka and veteran litigator Mark Gelowitz, has been in print since 1993, and is a reference source frequently used by litigation lawyers across Canada.

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