CASL Enforcement: Strategies for Building a Due Diligence Defence

Event Information


November 6, 2015


9:00 AM - 12:00 PM


First Canadian Place, Toronto ON

Delivery Method

In Person


AccessPrivacy by Osler presents a comprehensive half-day workshop focusing on strategies and tools necessary to build a due diligence defence.

What will be covered:   

  • Key lessons from CRTC enforcement proceedings
  • The importance of due diligence in mitigating regulatory and class action enforcement of CASL
  • Exercising due diligence
    • Case law generally
    • CRTC guidance
  • Key elements of corporate compliance programs
    • Written policies
    • Record-keeping
    • Training
    • Auditing / monitoring
    • Vendor management
    • Whistle-blowing
    • Complaint-handling
    • Corrective (disciplinary) action


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$250 fee to attend the workshop. Free to CPO package subscribers.