Osler AI Series: Module 5 - Key Issues in M&A Transactions for AI Companies

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November 23, 2023


1 HR

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Now on-demand, you can watch the next module in the Osler AI webinar series - Key Issues in M&A Transactions for AI Companies.

The webinar, presented by Osler partners Sam Ip (Technology) and Sophie Amyot (Corporate), considers the general AI M&A landscape and latest trends. Our presenters discuss the differences between M&A transactions involving AI companies and transactions involving companies which develop or make use of traditional software, and explore the unique challenges these transactions raise which often requires a more nuanced and thoughtful approach.  They also share their insights and practical advice when advising on these transactions, including with respect to:

  • Due Diligence – IP and Data Focus; Risk Assessments; and Regulatory Compliance
  • Contractual Considerations – Purchase Agreement Considerations, including Reps and Warranties
  • Post-Transaction Integration – Addressing challenges that may arise

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