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Federal government sales – Certifications and reporting

Things to know

Certification and reporting requirements are identified in bid documents or resulting contracts, including external documents that are incorporated by reference.  These are usually standard documents set out in the federal government’s Standard Acquisition Clauses (SACC) Manual.

A supplier typically must certify that it has not, directly or indirectly, paid or agreed to pay a contingency fee for the solicitation, negotiation or obtaining of a government contract (other than to an employee in the normal course of the employee's duties). Missing certifications will usually result in a non-compliant bid.

Examples of other common certifications include

  • Rate or Price Certification
  • Former Public Servant (disclosure)
  • Federal Contractors Program for Employment Equity Certification
  • Workers’ Compensation Certification (Letter of Good Standing)
  • Software Publisher Certification
  • Commercial-off-the-shelf Software Certification

Things to do

  • Review procurement documents carefully for all requirements and certifications, including standard certifications available on federal government websites. 
  • Ensure that you have lined up resources within your organization to accurately complete the certifications.
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