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Things to know

Suppliers to the federal government must comply with the Code of Conduct for Procurement.  The Code

  • consolidates in summary form the federal government's measures on conflict of interest and anti-corruption as well as other legislative and policy requirements relating specifically to procurement
  • provides a statement of mutual expectations to ensure a common basic understanding among all participants in procurement

The federal government’s Ineligibility and Suspension Policy (the Policy) sets out when a supplier may be deemed to be ineligible or suspended from doing business with the government. The Policy, together with Integrity provisions, sets out detailed certification and reporting rules that apply to a broad range of domestic and foreign offences and activities that go beyond bribery and corrupt practices.  These certifications and reporting rules extend to affiliates of the supplier.

Things to do

  • Maintain the required integrity policies and codes of conduct and track compliance with integrity provisions.
  • Prior to engaging in supply to the federal government, review the policies referred to in this section and anticipate whether any compliance challenges or reporting obligations may arise under them.
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