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Disability inclusion in the workplace: a matter of relationship and context (webinar)

Jan 8, 2024

Over six million Canadians live with a disability, yet disability inclusion remains underdiscussed in the legal profession. In an effort to address this and to further the firm’s goals of fostering both awareness of accessibility and an inclusive work environment, Osler hosted webinars in November in the Montréal and Toronto offices that focused on disability inclusion in the workplace. Charles Lapierre, researcher, organizational psychology consultant and speaker at adn | conférencier.e.s, facilitated a presentation and interactive discussion that examined the multifaceted nature of disabilities and the importance of seeing disability as part of diversity.

During the engaging online workshop, Charles provided insight into what it means to be inclusive in relation to someone, best practices for making sure people feel included and the importance of using contextual and relational leverage to ensure that people’s differences aren’t disabling — as well as the business case for including people experiencing disability.

Watch the full webinar