Legal Project Management

Process driven, value delivered

When it comes to your legal services, you don’t need surprises and you shouldn’t feel left in the dark. That’s why we use rigorous legal project management processes. Fuelled by technology and open, ongoing client communication, our processes ensure your matters are handled efficiently, transparently and cost-effectively.

We have a team of dedicated project management and pricing professionals, custom planning tools and a client listening program that place the needs of our clients at the centre of how we deliver legal services.

Legal Project Management in action

Budgeting and Planning Tools

Budgeting templates combined with innovative pricing strategies allow delivery of the most appropriate fee arrangement for your needs.

Billing and Reporting Tools

An array of reporting tools enables us to track matter billings, financial information, as well as client satisfaction and feedback.

Communications Checklists

A range of checklists supports our lawyers in providing effective project management as they engage on a matter.

Guides and Training Program

Developing our team's skill and understanding with respect to process, pricing models, appropriate fee structures and budgeting.

Client Listening Program

Surveys and debriefing processes with both clients and internal teams give us insight into project successes and the need for improvement.

An effective matter management process

Osler has developed a five-step process for the effective management of legal matters, based on tested project management principles. Our process includes the following:


Defining success – The first step to achieving a successful outcome is to ensure we all share the same vision. At the outset of a project, a formal discussion will take place, where together we identify your objectives, key issues and success criteria, and define our respective roles.
Mapping the way forward – Finding the most efficient path to achieving your goals requires a sound project plan. Using custom project management tools, the Osler team develops a project plan, which outlines your goals, the scope of our engagement, a strategic plan of action and a realistic budget.
Delivering the right expertise – It takes the right team of highly skilled lawyers to achieve the results you need. Our team of experts will work efficiently to get the answers and outcomes you’re looking for, with all work monitored to ensure we deliver on time and on budget. Throughout the process you will always have direct access to the lawyers who are working on your matter.
Keeping you informed – Open communication leads to better project management. Proactive and regular dialogue ensures you always know about our progress on your matter, the fees incurred, upcoming milestones as well as any issues as they arise.
Learning to improve – We never stop looking to innovate in order to enhance our services. Continually reviewing our performance against the project plan and asking for your candid feedback enables us to refine our service delivery and make improvements where needed.