Cost-effective Discovery Services

We know that clients are looking for ways to lower the costs of your litigation work. Osler’s in-house Discovery Management Group can help you execute discoveries faster and more effectively to reduce the time and effort involved in these processes. Osler’s Discovery Management Group can assist with a variety of targeted and extensive discovery and document review requirements, involving class actions, litigation and tax-related discovery requests.

Because no two matters are the same, our team of experts will work closely with you to assess your needs and design and execute discovery solutions tailored to your situation. Our team combines deep technical expertise with the legal judgement and prudence needed to uncover and interpret the data most pertinent to your matter, smartly and diligently. Using sophisticated software and advanced analytics software, we are able to mine extensive data collections to find and convert the most relevant information into searchable results, while ensuring that all results will hold up to scrutiny by courts, other litigants or regulators.

Discovery in action

eDiscovery Case Management | Technology | Defined Processes | Vendor Partnerships

eDiscovery Case Management | Technology | Defined Processes | Vendor Partnerships

Discovery management process

We apply a comprehensive and streamlined process to all aspects of e-discovery, encompassing every stage of the industry’s Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM). Our approach ensures maximum flexibility, efficiency, cost predictability, and containment.

Electronic Discovery Reference Model


Information Governance
Organize your electronic information to mitigate risk and expenses in the event of e-discovery issues.
Work with you to determine the scope, breadth and depth of discovery, and identify potential sources of relevant data.
Ensure that appropriate business protocols are in place to protect against the alteration or destruction of relevant data.
Create an overall plan for gathering relevant data, including litigation hold procedures, for use in the e-discovery process.
Reduce the volume of electronic and paper documents and converting it, if necessary, to clear and concise forms suitable for review and analysis.
Assist with internal and external document review, managing protocols, timelines, and costs.
Cull and filter the volume of documents, using smart search technology and advanced analytics, to access the information most relevant to your case.
Deliver the crucial documents, including electronically stored information, that support your lawyers throughout discovery, trial, investigations, and audits.
Assist with the technology and electronic trial materials for examinations and courtroom presentations.