Unique Art Hub Secures a new Home

The Pro Bono Cause

The Museum of Canadian Contemporary Art (MOCCA) is a unique hub for leading edge contemporary art in the heart of downtown Toronto. After more than a decade in its current quarters, MOCCA is preparing for a transformational move to Toronto’s emerging Lower Junction neighbourhood—one that will anchor and energize an underutilized industrial setting and expand the cultural community in the city’s west end.

MOCCA secures its future with this move, which brings with it a long-term lease that will see the Museum double its current size, offer greater numbers of exhibits and programs and enrich the visitor experience.

The Osler Pro Bono Connection

With a longstanding interest in supporting emerging Canadian artists, Osler has been a supporter of MOCCA and its mission since the early days. Recently, Osler Real Estate Partner, Paul Morassutti, has been deeply involved in MOCCA's quest to find a new home. He was intimately involved in structuring the transaction and negotiating the lease with MOCCA's new landlord—a developer who also happens to come from a creative family involved with the arts. MOCCA will soon occupy the first three floors of what is now a derelict office tower in a formerly contaminated industrial site. It’s a location that all parties hope will become a vibrant, mixed-use development, with MOCCA at the centre.

Volunteer Reflections

"MOCCA has several unique requirements to be addressed—including museum-standard air control systems, gallery space that is open to the public, private offices, secure storage, food services and event spaces—and these do not easily fit in a traditional office building,” said Paul. “All the parties needed to take a collaborative and innovative approach in order to make this work. I am proud of the results of this hard work that will allow both MOCCA and the developer to realize the full potential of this exciting opportunity."  Paul Morassutti

Paul Morassutti

Paul Morassutti: Real Estate Partner