How much, how fast – Lexpert

Jacob A. Sadikman

Nov 28, 2016

In an article in the Lexpert 2016 Special Edition on Energy, freelance business and legal-affairs writer Bev Cline examines the investment climate in Canada’s clean-tech and renewable energy space, particularly in the wake of government initiatives in provinces like Ontario and Alberta. Cline’s piece examines a variety of topics, including the move away from coal-fired generation, opportunities for new investment and the upcoming implementation of the cap and trade regime in Ontario. For commentary on this last topic, she consults Jacob Sadikman, an Osler partner whose practice focuses on the energy sector.

“Shutting coal plants down and contracting for 10,000 MW of renewable energy projects in Ontario has seemed like a pretty aggressive greenhouse gas policy,” says Jacob. “Now, layering in this cap and trade legislation, frankly, from the perspective of the energy sector, are these legislative decisions making gas the new coal?”

Cline’s article concludes with the role that technology could play in the renewables industry, going forward.

“It’s about innovation” Jacob explains. “For example, one of the next technological frontiers is really integrating renewable energy technologies with energy storage to solve the historical challenge with renewable energy, which is its intermittency.”

To find out more, read Bev Cline’s full article “How much, how fast” in the Lexpert 2016 Special Edition on Energy.