Innovation at Osler

Driving value

At Osler, we don’t just talk about innovation.  It is how we work. It is as integral to our work as expertise in the law. Together innovation and expertise define the Osler quality you recognize and trust.

Innovation at Osler is about you and your business. By rethinking and rebuilding the way we practice law, we help you achieve more with less. 

We listen, ask questions and work closely with you to understand your needs.

Our job is to develop innovative products and tools, and streamline our service delivery, so that we can help you overcome the challenges faced by your businesses.  It’s about the right people, doing the right tasks, leveraging the right technology –  and getting it right the first time.

Innovation at Osler is not new.  We have long track record of success and now work through two dedicated business lines – Osler Works and Osler Workshop.

Osler Works

Osler Works is our captive alternative legal service delivery business. Through Osler Works, we drive down costs, increase delivery speed and enhance deliverables to meet your needs. The focused expertise of our dedicated team of full-time professionals, combined with their ability to fully deploy market-leading technology, sets Osler Works apart.

Osler Workshop

Osler Workshop is where we develop products and tools that address your needs, allowing you to realize greater value while lowering your legal spend. It’s also where we open our doors, roll up our sleeves and collaborate with you on solutions specific to your situation.

Find out how we combine technology, streamlined processes and our legal and business expertise to help you deliver work faster.

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Take a look at our suite of advanced products and tools that make routine work more efficient, convenient and cost-effective.

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