Osler Workshop

Through Osler Workshop, we collaborate with you to develop technologically-enabled solutions for the legal and legal operations issues your business faces. Some of the products and tools we’ve created are profiled below. Explore the options and consider how they could help streamline your organization’s operations. And if you need a solution to overcome a different challenge, contact us about a design-thinking or collaborative workshop for your legal department.



This subscription-based service will help you develop a strategic approach to privacy and information management. Search legislation, case law and other privacy-specific resources, and access our regular privacy calls and e-updates.

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Osler ACTion™ – FI Regulatory Compliance

Outsource your regulatory compliance monitoring and stay current by subscribing to Osler ACTion. This resource provides you with timely summaries of recent and pending legislative changes that apply to regulated financial institutions.

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Osler Dash™ Franchise Platform

Increase the productivity of your business by automating your franchise disclosure and contracting process with Osler Dash. Combining our market-leading franchise expertise with innovative technology, Osler Dash is a web-hosted franchise document management platform tailored for your business.

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Employment Compliance 
Stress Test

Use our Stress Test to quickly identify key areas of vulnerability within your organization’s employment function, including a review of your key personnel policies and practices with a focus on troublesome “stress points.”

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Estoppel Express™

Simplify your multi-tenant real estate transactions. Estoppel Express uses technology to streamline the estoppel certificate production process, helping you to save time, cut costs and avoid administrative hassle.

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Board diversity tool

Leverage this interactive tool to help your board meet its gender diversity disclosure requirements. It offers simple and standardized diversity policy language that you can tailor to reflect your company’s unique circumstances.

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Osler Code Detect

Feel secure using open source software. This intuitive web application scans your source code locally to identify open source licences that pose the highest risk and provides results in an easy-to-understand format.

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Construction toolkit

Free and easy-to-use, the components of this toolkit will help you determine not only the payment deadlines for your project, but also which version of Ontario’s Construction Act is applicable.

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Doing Business in Canada guide

Access the comprehensive Doing Business in Canada guide and discover practical information tailored to your specific needs on how to establish or grow your business with confidence.

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Merger notification tool

Now you can determine whether a transaction is subject to the pre-closing mandatory notification regime of Canada’s Competition Act by using this online Guide to Canada’s Merger Notification Rules.

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Private placement tool

Consulting the Guide to Canadian Private Placements can help you determine whether you will need a Canadian Wrapper for a particular offering document and whether you should contact Canadian counsel for assistance.

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