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Diversity at Osler

See how our people are making a difference at Osler, with our clients and in our communities.

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Message from Osler’s National Managing Partner

Hi, I’m Doug Bryce, National Managing Partner at Osler. We’re working hard to make our firm a more diverse and inclusive space where all of our people can flourish and reach their potential. Thank you for taking the time to explore some of the ways we’re contributing to meaningful change within the legal industry, with our clients and in our communities.

My hope is that we will see a real infusion of energy into several aspects of the Firm’s business and operations, including the crucial project of making further progress around diversity and inclusion issues.

Doug Bryce National Managing Partner

Message from Osler’s Diversity Committee Chair

Hi, I’m Shuli Rodal, a partner at Osler and Chair of our Diversity Committee. At Osler, we continue to make progress with our diversity and inclusion initiatives within our offices, with our clients and in our communities. I am proud of our commitment to a firm culture that fosters a supportive and welcoming place to work and grow. Together with everyone at Osler, I look forward to continuing to learn from and support each other as we move ahead in the years to come.

Building a respectful and inclusive workplace where firm members are empowered to achieve their goals and contribute to the success of our clients and the well-being of our communities remains a core value for us as a firm.

Shuli Rodal Partner and Diversity Committee Chair

Diversity at Osler: 2023 Year in Review

See how our people are making a difference at Osler, with our clients and in our communities.

Diversity at Osler: 2023 Year in Review

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Supporting clients

We share with our clients a common mission to build a diverse and talented workforce supported by an inclusive and welcoming environment, a goal we promote through external support and internal actions.

Diversity initiatives

We are developing innovative policies and employee programs to foster a work culture that promotes equality, inclusion and opportunity and ensures that everyone at Osler is treated with dignity and respect.

Future lawyers

Ensuring that our profession’s future leaders have the support they need to succeed is a large part of what we do. We are opening doors to new opportunities for students and breaking down barriers to recruitment, retention and advancement.


Our commitment to diversity extends well beyond our offices. Throughout the year, we participate in various initiatives to contribute to meaningful change in our industry and the communities we serve.