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The multi-billion-dollar travel and leisure industry is a significant contributor and driver of the Canadian and global economies and has evolved into one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world. Optimism surrounding its long-term growth prospects continues to attract interest in existing assets, new development projects, and online delivery platforms, resulting in greater competition.

Success in the industry means effectively navigating a wide range of factors, including economic uncertainty; new technologies driving buyer preferences, and being able to anticipate, weather and adapt to disruptions of seasonal business, employee availability, and changes in national and international markets.

Digital transformation in the industry remains vital to offering consumers value regarding what they want and need, making legal and privacy considerations relating to leveraging data a critical concern.

How we can help

Osler has been active in the travel and leisure sector for many years. Our integrated team provides pragmatic advice for a wide range of industry players, including owners, franchisors, e-commerce platform providers, private equity investors, pension funds, real estate developers, asset managers, lenders and industry associations.

Leveraging the collective experience and expertise of practice groups across our firm, we take a “one-firm” approach to legal service delivery. This enables us to provide you with top expertise across a wide range of practice areas, including M&A, tax, franchising and real estate, to support your specific needs.

You also benefit from our experts’ guidance in privacy and data management, consumer protection, advertising and marketing, French language requirements, and trademark protection and enforcement.  Osler has represented airlines, hotels, car rental agencies and other clients in the travel and leisure space on end-to-end litigation on various matters. We aim to provide practical, cost-efficient legal solutions that best support your success.

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