Osler’s multidisciplinary team of industry experts are well-equipped to help you succeed in the automotive space.

This is a transformative time for the automotive industry, both domestically and globally. There is an increased emphasis on environmental regulation and the sector is experiencing a massive shift towards electric and autonomous features that is having a far-reaching impact on virtually every aspect of operations, from design and manufacturing to infrastructure and workforce requirements, to automotive technology innovations.

Canadian companies are playing a pivotal role in this transformation, both as innovators of automotive technology and as providers of the necessary resources for batteries, including cobalt, lithium and copper. In addition, with increased environmental awareness, consumers are seeking substantial emissions reductions and governments’ legislative response offers opportunities to industry.

The Government of Canada has a vested interest in the health of the nation’s automotive industry as it plays a central role in the Canadian economy, contributing $19 billion to our GDP. The sector directly employs more than 125,000 people, as well as 400,000 in dealership networks and aftermarket services.

To keep pace with this rate of change, you need to remain at the forefront of industry advancements – anticipating shifts in global supply chains, proactively developing necessary technology and leveraging opportunities for corporate growth – while staying one step ahead of amendments to provincial and federal regulatory frameworks.

How we can help

Osler’s multidisciplinary team of industry experts are well-equipped to help you succeed in the automotive space. We understand the commercial and regulatory pressures you face and are passionate about ensuring you capitalize on the evolving opportunities, while also pre-emptively addressing the potential challenges.

Drawing on the deep knowledge and experience of lawyers across a broad range of practice areas, including corporate and commercial, privacy and data management, environmental law, franchising, product liability, technology, tax, real estate and dispute resolution while staying abreast of industry trends, we focus on providing the relevant, practical guidance you need to pull ahead of your competition and meet your business objectives. Our litigation team also has significant experience representing automotive clients in product liability, class action, investigatory and other matters.

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