Shahir Guindi and Mayor Valérie Plante help launch “Closed Doors Day” awareness campaign in Montréal

Jan 15, 2020

Osler National Co-Chair Shahir Guindi, right, and Montréal Mayor Valérie Plante. (Photo credit: Sylvain Légaré)

Osler is pleased to announce that National Co-Chair Shahir Guindi and Mayor Valérie Plante helped launch a major campaign to raise awareness in the Montréal business community about the importance of the successful professional integration of newcomers to Canada. Shahir will act as co-spokesperson during the four-week “Closed Doors Day” campaign, which was announced in a press release and launched on January 15, 2020. The campaign began with the unveiling of a short-lived installation at Complexe Desjardins in Montréal. Shahir explained how the event helps him give back to the community.

"This event gives me the opportunity to express my gratitude to our city and province for the opportunities that have been offered to me and others over the past few years,” Shahir said in a press release. “This exceptional initiative reminds us of the importance of providing quality jobs and opportunities for advancement for all. This contributes to the vitality and economic success of our city.

“Unfortunately, some doors are still closed and we must vigorously challenge this reality. A more inclusive labour market will benefit everyone. I salute the leadership of Mayor Valérie Plante, who has mobilized the business community to make the professional integration of immigrants a common priority.”

As part of the campaign, members of the public are invited to discover 10 different doors that illustrate the various challenges and barriers that immigrants face as they integrate into the job market. The campaign will also include various initiatives including raising awareness via different social media platforms and on the website (note: This link exists in French only). The campaign calls for the mobilization of the Montréal business community to prioritize welcoming and supporting the professional integration of immigrants.

The “Closed Doors Day” campaign is the first of three components of the Inclusive Montréal at Work strategy, which was launched by the City of Montréal in June 2019.

Osler National Co-Chair Shahir Guindi, right, and Montréal Mayor Valérie Plante. (Photo credit: Sylvain Légaré)