Generative AI captured lawyers’ attention. But whatever happened to blockchain? – Legaltech News

Matthew T. Burgoyne

Sep 29, 2023

While generative AI has been the subject of much recent publicity, this does not mean blockchain legal work is going away anytime soon, says Matt Burgoyne, partner and Co-Chair, Digital Assets and Blockchain, in an interview with Legaltech News.

“The demand is definitely there,” says Matt. “And I don’t sense that it’s really slowing down significantly in cryptocurrency and digital assets.”

Although U.S. agencies may have been slower to respond to emerging issues around blockchain, Matt says that Canadian securities regulators have been more focused in their attempt to develop policies around cryptocurrency trading platforms.

“There might not be a lot of updates on the regulatory front in cryptocurrency in the U.S.,” he says. “And that might be true, but there are other jurisdictions in the world where there are a lot more regulatory updates, including Europe, and the U.K. and in Canada. So that means there’s more work for lawyers.”