The M&A champions in 2023! – Droit-inc

Niko Veilleux

Jan 23, 2024

Despite global mergers and acquisitions activity last year being the slowest for deal-making since 2013, Osler was among the top Canadian firms in terms of number of transactions and dollar value. In an interview with Droit-inc, Niko Veilleux identified some sectors where he saw perhaps a little more movement than in other areas.

Technology was one, although Osler saw less activity in this sector in 2023 compared to the two previous years. “The technological presence in our economy is very important — so there is movement,” says Niko.

Logistics and supply chain management is another area. “Whether it’s the real estate side of logistics or logistics itself, there’s movement in the industrial world,” he says.

For 2024, Niko has a clear objective in mind. “We are really aiming for the quality of transactions and not necessarily the volume,” he says. “We can be selective.”

You can read the full article, “Les champions des M&A en 2023!”, on the Droit-inc website (available in French only).