CPD Cinemas and Year-end Professionalism Series

Looking for professionalism credits?

Osler offers a series of events in the second half of each year designed to help in-house counsel meet annual professionalism credit requirements:

Year-end Professionalism Series

Our popular Year-end Professionalism Series offers a range of diverse topics and engaging speakers. Our series includes CPD programs that are both informative and interesting. Our four-program series runs from October to December and includes a range of programs each offering professionalism credits. We also offer a program that qualifies for the new Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Credit that became effective this January 1, 2018 and requires you to complete a total of three Professionalism Hours that focus on advancing equality, diversity and inclusion in the lawyer and paralegal professions between January 1, 2018 and December 31, 2020.


CPD Cinema

Our Year-end Professionalism Series is capped off with our CPD Cinema, a re-broadcast of six recorded CPD programs in December in our Toronto office. Two or more lawyers watching recorded programs together permits the CPD credits to be entered as a live program, rather than individually watched recordings. This is a fun event, and the concession stand will be open! (Popcorn, snacks and drinks will be provided.)



Details of each program will be posted on osler.com as they become available. To be added to our CPD mailing list, please email seminars@osler.com

Other ways to get credits

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Can’t attend?
Osler maintains an online library of recorded programs eligible for CLE/CPD credits. For more information, please contact us at professionaldevelopment@osler.com