CPD Summer Drive-In

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Wednesday, August 15, 2018


1:00 PM - 4:45 PM


Osler Conference Centre, 100 King Street West, 1 First Canadian Place
Toronto, Ontario

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Are you looking to get a head start on your professionalism and substantive credits this year? To help avoid the year-end credit crunch, Osler has made it easy for you to get up to 3.25 substantive and professionalism credits in one afternoon at our annual CPD Summer Drive-In, a spinoff of our very popular CPD Cinema, which will be offered once again in late 2018.

We invite you to join us on Wednesday, August 15, as we re-broadcast three recorded CPD programs. In order for the CPD credits to be entered as a live program, two or more lawyers must be watching the recording.

We are offering three screening times, each featuring a different program. Join us for one, or stay all afternoon; popcorn, snacks and beverages will be provided.


1:00 PM - 2:15 PM:  Jettison Your Jargon: Clear and Concise Legal Writing 

Do you use the word “utilize” even though “use” means the same thing? Do you like to write “going forward” even when your verb is already in the future tense? Are you using the phrase “is currently” when you know that “it is” is already in the present tense? And why are you writing 30 words when 15 will do?

Bloated, jargon-filled legal writing is everywhere. But just because it’s everywhere doesn’t make it right. Big words and long-winded sentences are guaranteed to turn off your reader, and you never want to give your reader an excuse to hit DELETE. Verbose writers create a confused (at best) or adversarial (at worst) audience through their long-winded writing, and in this program, Ben Opipari of Persuasive Matters will show you how to write jargon-free documents with clarity and concision!

Speaker: Ben Opipari, Writing Coach and Founder of Persuasive Matters

Continuing Professional Development. Ontario: Total CPD = 1.25 hours (1 hr., 15 mins. Professionalism and up to 0 hrs. Substantive) Québec: This program has been approved for 1.25 credit hours in accordance with the requirements for “out of province” activities. B.C.:  This program qualifies for 1.25 hrs. of credit, applied towards Lawyering Skills.


2:30 PM - 3:30 PM : Turning Disruption into Opportunity – strategies for driving game-changing transformation from within

Leaders across all industries are grappling with how to respond to a variety of disruptions, technological or otherwise, and embrace them as business opportunities. As part of Osler's Innovation Month, we assembled a panel of innovators and change agents to share their experiences and insights on responding to disruption and driving change within their organizations. 


  • Terry Stuart, Chief Innovation Officer, Deloitte Canada

  • Bindu Cudjoe, Deputy General Counsel & Chief Knowledge Officer, BMO Financial Group

  • Michael Fekete, Partner and National Innovation Leader, Osler      

  • Natalie Munroe, Head, Osler Works – Transactional

Continuing Professional Development. Ontario: Total CPD = 1.0 hours (0.25 hrs. Professionalism and up to 0.75 hrs. Substantive) Québec: This program has been approved for 1.0 credit hours in accordance with the requirements for “out of province” activities.


3:45 PM - 4:45 PM: Employers Prepare for Cannabis Legalization in Canada

With cannabis legalization in the fall of 2018, employers must get ready for the impacts on the workplace. Businesses’ preparation includes understanding the drug and its implications for the workplace, learning the signs of substance use within the workplace, the science of impairment testing, and updating policies and procedures to deal with the new reality. This program helps employers prepare, with topics that include the following:

  • The medical effects of cannabis, how to identify signs of intoxication within the workplace, and how the effects of cannabis compare to alcohol-based impairment

  • Setting the standard of permissibility within the workplace by establishing a distinction between medical and recreational cannabis, and enforcing effective workplace policies

  • Workplace testing

  • The scope of medical cannabis benefits plan coverage


  • Jason Hanson, Partner, Employment & Labour 
  • Damian Rigolo, Partner, Employment & Labour
  • Jonathan Marin, Associate, Pension & Benefits
  • Allison Di Cesare, Associate, Employment & Labour 
  • Dr. Melissa Snider-Adler, Chief Medical Review Officer, Addiction Medicine Physician at DriverCheck Inc.

Continuing Professional Development. Ontario: Total CPD = 1.0 hours ( 1hr. Substantive) Québec: This program has been approved for 1.0 credit hours in accordance with the requirements for “out of province” activities.


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To register please contact seminars@osler.com.