Navigating disputes in Canada: Key issues for consideration

There are key differences between the Canadian and U.S. judicial systems that U.S. attorneys, in-house counsel and businesses must be cognizant of when engaging in a dispute in Canada.

Osler has created the following set of comprehensive, practical and easy-to-use resources for U.S. counsel and businesses:

Introductory Guide to Civil Litigation in Ontario:

A comprehensive overview of the primary distinctions between the Canadian and the American civil litigation systems to help you navigate your way through a Canadian dispute.

Gain a better understanding of Canadian court proceedings

U.S. Guide to Class Actions in Canada:

Serves to highlight key procedural and substantive differences between American and Canadian class actions

Learn about the key differences between American and Canadian class actions

Obtaining Evidence in Canada for use in U.S. litigation:

Outlines the application process for obtaining evidence in Canada by reviewing the relevant statutory preconditions, discretionary factors and policy considerations.

What U.S. counsel need to know

Enforcing Foreign Judgements in Canada:

Practical guidance with respect to the most common questions that arise when a non-Canadian party finds itself in the position of needing to seek relief or assistance from the Canadian courts in the context of commercial disputes.

Understand some of the issues at play when engaging the Canadian judicial system

Locating Torts: Where can a defendant be sued under Canadian law?

When an out-of-province or non-Canadian defendant objects to being sued in a Canadian court, that court must first decide whether it has the jurisdiction to hear the dispute. Where the alleged tort took place will be key to this decision. Our publication, Locating Torts: Where can a defendant be sued under Canadian law? was drafted to assist you in determining where a particular tort is considered to have been committed for the purposes of this analysis.

Find out more with our comprehensive guide