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Osler’s Annual Pensions and Benefits Seminar – Panel Discussion on ESG Considerations

Author(s): Andrea Boctor, Paul Litner, Stephen Poloz, Jonathan Marin, Julien Ranger, Olivia Suppa, Omar Sunderji

Jun 10, 2021

Stakeholder pressures are likely to put a further focus on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations for pension plans and investment management firms in general. Legislation is expected to evolve to reflect greater expectations and higher standards.

These were among the ideas that came out of Osler’s Annual Pensions and Benefits Seminar – panel discussion on ESG considerations, hosted by Andrea Boctor, partner, chair, Pension and Benefits, and including Paul Litner, partner, Pension and Benefits, and Stephen Poloz, special advisor. Panel guests were Alison Loat, Director, Sustainable Investing, OP Trust, and Gerry Rocchi, a corporate director with a long record in innovation in investment management and environmental investing. In addition to the panel discussion, a regulatory review discussion was led by Jonathan Marin, partner, Pension and Benefits, Julien Ranger, partner, Pension and Benefits, Olivia Suppa, associate, Pension and Benefits, and Omar Sunderji, associate, Pension and Benefits.

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