Generation gaps - Lexpert Magazine

Dale R. Ponder

Apr 15, 2016

Law firms are working to close the age gap from Generation X to Z. A study found less than 5% of the managing partners at law firms are from Generation X. In an article in Lexpert Magazine, Sandra Rubin discusses how firms need to look at the generational shift and change how they do business. Osler agrees and are working to modify their business practices. Dale Ponder, Osler’s Managing Partner and Chief Executive says, “One of the things we did is we hired a professional coach full-time who counsels our people from students through associates on how to have a successful career, what skills to develop.”

The problem law firms are facing is the promotion expectation from Gen-Xers. They expect to move up in companies faster than their older counter parts did. When they don’t get promoted, they move to Fortune 100 or NASDAQ listed companies, who are four times more likely to promote Generation X to management.

The way work is done is also evolving. Rubin writes that the influx of Gen-Xers and Millennials into the work force is causing some companies to change the feel of their offices. This influx is also fostering a more collaborative work environment, as each generation works and learns differently.

“They’re so much more tech savvy than prior generations,” Dale says. “That is how they were raised, that’s how they learn. They quite often want more flexibility, they want to be able to work from wherever they want to work. Period.”

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