Osler shortlisted for two 2018 Changing Lawyers Awards

Natalie Munroe

Aug 14, 2018

Osler is proud to announce that it has been shortlisted for two of the 2018 Changing Lawyer Awards.  Osler was shortlisted in the “Outstanding Law Firm of the Year” category, which recognizes law firms that have implemented innovative ways to transform the way they provide legal services, including core process changes and creative billing arrangements. Through the Osler Works initiative, Osler has fostered the development of new products while delivering practical, cost-effective legal services using cutting-edge technology and predictable, streamlined processes to best serve clients’ business needs. By centring on low-cost delivery, continual service improvement and non-traditional approaches to law, the firm focuses on delivering what is most important to clients. For example, Osler Works – Transactional offers clients corporate and commercial transaction support, using optimized processes and leading technology to provide cost savings on legal due diligence, contract analysis, closings and other routine elements of complex transactions.

In addition, Natalie Munroe, head of Osler Works — Transactional, has been shortlisted for the “Outstanding Lawyer of the Year Award,” recognizing lawyers who are encouraging the adoption of new technology or services and using groundbreaking processes to get ahead of market trends. Natalie leads a specialized team of lawyers that assists the firm with its digital transformation and provides efficient, cost-effective legal solutions. As a result, clients can expect better value for their legal spend on transaction-related matters, including due diligence, closings and other elements of complex transactions.

The inaugural Changing Lawyer Awards celebrate individuals, firms and companies in the legal industry that embrace and drive change through new technology, service models or behaviour. A panel of five judges will be used to determine winning individuals and firms. Read more about the recognitions here.

Winners will be announced on August 21 during ILTACON 2018.