Osler Works

Legal services from your point of value.

Law should not require guesswork. When it comes to your legal matters, you want to know two things: how your law firm can help solve your problem, and how much it’s going to cost. You need the work done efficiently, transparently, and you want certainty about the fees.

Osler Works is our way of delivering practical, cost-effective legal services, using cutting-edge technology and predictable processes that serve your business—and your bottom line. We recognize that your business is always evolving, and as a law firm, we must continually evolve as well to meet your changing needs. Osler Works is our approach to focusing and delivering on what’s important to you.

A consistent and carefully-managed approach is our key to delivering efficient legal services. Osler has developed its own process for effective matter management, based on tested project management principles. Through a combination of open communication, ongoing feedback, and the use of technology and planning tools, our approach ensures that legal work is delivered efficiently and with transparency – so you know where your matter stands and what it will cost.

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We recognize that clients want more pragmatic legal services when it comes to their business transactions. Osler has responded by changing the way we support you in your transactional matters. For certain aspects of business transactions – including due diligence, contract analysis, closings and other routine elements of complex transactions – the Osler Works transaction team can provide you with efficient solutions that ensure you receive the information you need quickly and conveniently, all while delivering quality and consistency.

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Businesses are increasingly looking for ways to lower the costs of their litigation work. Osler’s in-house Discovery Management Group can help you manage your discovery processes faster and more effectively. Our team of experts will work closely with you to design and execute a discovery process that achieves the results you’re looking for. We support you through every stage of the process, combining a depth of legal knowledge and technical expertise to execute discoveries smartly and efficiently while ensuring every component of the process will hold up to scrutiny.

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As your business evolves, so do we. Embracing innovation allows us to create new opportunities and legal solutions that help you to remain competitive in a marketplace where change is the new norm. Osler Works – Innovation is our platform for developing new service offerings and enhanced service delivery processes that better serve your business and bottom line.

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