Alberta’s Booming Tech Sector: The Making of Canada’s Silicon Valley – This Professional Life

Michael Grantmyre

Oct 13, 2023

The growth and success of the tech sector in Alberta is helping drive the diversification of the economy, Michael Grantmyre says in This Professional Life podcast interview.

“Most people would probably associate Alberta industry with energy transition and maybe AgTech,” says Michael. “But the reality is the province has such a vibrant ecosystem with tech in sectors like digital and digital health and life sciences, with AI and generative AI as an emerging sector. All these industries together are doing incredible things. We have leaders in all these spaces.”

Michael sees plenty of future opportunities in the Alberta tech sector. “We have quality companies with great leaders, and we need to continue to develop further talent across the board,” he says. “Continuing reinvestment in the ecosystem is essential. There is a psychology of success and people are really excited about the opportunities that lie ahead.”

Material exits will be important for the next stage of growth. “With the valuation increases we are seeing with a lot of the leading companies, at some point investors will want to see a return on their investment,” says Michael. “Starting to see some exits will be an opportunity for the next phase. The Alberta tech ecosystem has all the ingredients to make that happen.”

Partnership also will be key for continuing industry success. “Founders going through their sometimes tumultuous journey require a partner on the legal side to think a little more outside of the box and not be so focused on legal product delivery on a daily basis,” says Michael. “The hard work needs to be done to see what value can be provided.”

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