Bill C-13 presents challenges for employers even outside of province: Lawyers – HR Reporter

Alexandre Fallon

Aug 3, 2023

A requirement of the new Bill C-13 is for employers in a region with a significant French population to commit to a process known as Francization by offering French language communication, computer systems and supervision to those employees who request it. However, the legislation does not specify which regions in Canada, besides Québec, will be subject to the new requirements, says partner Alexandre Fallon in an interview with HR Reporter.

“Who knows? It will be defined through regulations,” says Alexandre. “What that means is at some point that will come into force two years after the government has decided what that means,”

Alexandre says that, for those businesses that have to translate documents and corporate communications into French, the job might become overly burdensome. “The communication-with-employees’ piece is probably the most onerous in the sense that you can have a relatively small Québec head count and, all of a sudden, you have to translate all of your corporate communications, so that can be very costly and disruptive,” he says.

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