Work at Height Telecommunication Tower, Technician antenna service.

The telecommunications industry in Canada plays an integral role in our society, facilitating how we work, shop and learn. It also has a critical impact on the nation’s economy. In 2022 alone, the telecommunications sector contributed approximately $75 billion in GDP to Canada’s economy and supported 650,000 jobs.

The industry’s steady growth rate isn’t showing signs of slowing down anytime soon. Ongoing innovation – from the implementation of 5G infrastructure and the increasing prominence of big data analytics to the expanding reach of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the heightened emphasis on digital security – means telecommunications will continue to figure prominently in Canadians’ everyday life, as well as the country’s economic health.

With so much potential on the horizon, telecommunications industry players have access to a broad range of opportunities for investment, innovation and business growth.

To participate effectively in this constantly evolving sector, you need expert counsel in your corner, helping you identify and capitalize on opportunities, mitigate potential risks and guide you through an increasingly complex legal and regulatory landscape. 

How we can help

Osler lawyers have deep transactional experience in the telecom industry. We provide guidance and insight on the broad range of issues and challenges that affect the industry, including assessing strategic investments and facilitating financing transactions. They are frequently called upon to help organizations of all sizes meet their business objectives through corporate financing, M&A and joint ventures. Our lawyers have also represented key telecom clients in privacy, data protection and competition litigation.