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Things to know

  • When you sell online to consumers in Canada, you need to comply with provincial internet sales laws – this means that you’ll need to provide certain information to consumers before they make a purchase, and then deliver a copy of your terms of sale or other agreement to them.
  • If you don’t comply with internet sales laws, a consumer may have remedies, including the right to cancel the contract, and you could face regulatory enforcement.
  • In some provinces, you can’t include certain provisions, such as class action waivers, mandatory arbitration requirements and choice of law or venue provisions, in your consumer agreements.
  • Selling certain products and services, such as water heaters, gym memberships, and matchmaking services, can subject you to additional obligations or restrictions.
  • You may have to comply with accessibility requirements for the design of your website.

Things to do

  • Have your website and sales process reviewed to ensure you’ve made all required disclosures.
  • Have your consumer agreements localized to ensure that they do not include any restricted or prohibited provisions, and that they comply with Canadian laws and contracting practices.
  • Assess what local laws apply to your products or services and ensure that you are in compliance with them.
  • Assess whether Quebec’s language laws apply to your operations, including your website, consumer agreements and customer support and, if they do, ensure that you comply with them.
  • Ensure that your website satisfies any applicable accessibility requirements.
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