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Bias, harm and minimization of risk (webinar)

Author(s): Michael Fekete, Sam Ip

May 4, 2023

Errors or distortions in AI systems can potentially lead to unfair or discriminatory outcomes for certain individuals or groups. This is placing increasing pressure on designers and developers to be more open and transparent about their datasets and tools. A comprehensive governance system throughout the lifecycle of AI design and development is the best way to manage potential bias and other risks. This was a best practice discussed during the third module of our new AI webinar series, with partners Michael Fekete and Sam Ip, and Navrina Singh, founder and CEO of Credo AI.

A solid governance framework can give organizations the confidence to deploy AI solutions that will meet business objectives while providing societal benefits. It will also help a company earn trust for its processes and methodologies. An organization will know if its governance structure is sufficient if its AI is:

  • compliant
  • responsible
  • safe
  • demographically diverse.

The next session in the AI webinar series taking place on June 22 will focus on regulatory frameworks. You can register here.

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