Digital Assets and Blockchain

Futuristic digital blockchain background.

Distributed ledger technologies including blockchain and other digital assets are reshaping the global business landscape and the potential of cryptoassets is being felt across many sectors, ranging from financial services, capital markets, real estate, intellectual property, corporate transactions and much more.

Investor interest in digital assets has also risen dramatically as Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies have emerged as an alternative asset class delivering extraordinary returns over the last decade. Recent developments, such as increased institutional participation, approval of the first publicly-traded ETFs by Canadian securities regulators, and the popularity of stablecoins and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) signals continued positive momentum for the sector.

While opportunities in this space are limitless, the risks are complex and constantly changing, even for well established “cryptonatives”. Participants must navigate complex and evolving rules and regulations in Canada, which can be particularly challenging as the fast-paced nature of the digital asset landscape is outpacing the corresponding regulatory frameworks.

Having experienced legal counsel with its fingers on the pulse of the digital asset ecosystem is crucial to navigating this evolving space.

Osler’s Digital Assets and Blockchain team advises early-stage and established digital asset clients, including trading and lending platforms, investment managers, software developers and institutional investors in the Canadian digital asset markets. We apply rigorous analysis with respect to Canadian securities laws and AML/ATF regulation to digital asset products and services, and develop strategies to help participants maximize opportunities and respond to emerging trends.

The regulatory treatment of cryptoassets is also evolving, and we leverage our extensive network of industry experts, participation in industry associations and positive working relationships with governmental authorities to advocate for you and guide you on how to create, trade, hold and manage cryptoassets in a manner that aligns with applicable law and current regulatory interpretations. In the event that disputes arise, Osler’s leading litigation team has expertise in digital asset issues to assist clients in resolving contentious matters.

Our multidisciplinary team of experts is well-equipped to answer your questions surrounding the legal impacts of this technology and other digital assets. In particular, Osler advises market participants on:

  • Cryptocurrency trading and investing,
  • Regulation of virtual currency dealers and crypto asset trading platforms,
  • Tokenized business models,
  • Cryptocurrency derivatives and related financial instruments
  • Deployment of blockchain technology
  • Enforcement investigations and proceedings and litigation.

The depth of our advice and service draws on a multidisciplinary approach across Osler teams. Clients can access our extensive experience in FinTech, Emerging & High Growth Companies, Securities Regulatory, Financial Services Regulatory, Commercial/Technology, Litigation, Tax and Privacy.

Digital Assets and Blockchain - Emerging and High Growth Companies, Litigation, Tax, Financial Services Regulatory, Investment Funds, Privacy, Data Management ,FinTech and Securities Regulatory.


Lori Stein

Partner, Corporate


Simon Hodgett

Partner, Technology


  • Redeeem

    Redeeem in its $12.3 million acquisition by Troika Media Group

  • Ether Capital

    Ether Capital in its offering of units and concurrent private placement

  • 3iQ

    3iQ and the Bitcoin Fund in its approval to offer the world’s first publicly traded Bitcoin investment fund

  • Horizon Blockchain

    Horizon Blockchain in its US$5 million seed financing round

  • Venrock

    Venrock's US$15 million Series B investment in Dapper Labs

  • Ether Capital Corporation

    The dealers in connection with Ether Capital Corporation's private offering of subscription receipts and reverse take-over transaction

  • Paycase Financial Corp.

    Paycase Financial Corp. in its agreement with TMX’s Shorcan DCN to launch a new cryptocurrency brokerage service

  • 3iQ Corp.

    3iQ Corp. in connection with Canada’s first multiple digital currency investment fund

  • Venzee Inc.

    Venzee Inc. in connection with its going public transaction through the reverse takeover of a TSXV listed issuer renamed Venzee Technologies Inc.

  • Blockstream Corporation

    Blockstream Corporation in its $21 million seed round financing

  • Citizen Hex

    Citizen Hex in its Seed financing round

  • Blockstream Corporation

    Blockstream Corporation in its $55 million Series A Financing

  • Wealthsimple Digital Assets

    Advised on the launch of the first digital asset trading platform in Canada to be registered as a restricted dealer under provincial securities and derivatives laws

  • Purpose Bitcoin ETF and Purpose Ether ETF

    Advised on the launch of the first bitcoin and Ether ETFs in the world

  • Ether Capital

    A publicly traded Ethereum ecosystem investor (NEO:ETHC), in its public offering of common shares and warrants in March 2020, raising C$28 million

  • 3iQ Corp. and The Bitcoin Fund

    Successful hearing before the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) and subsequent initial public offering of the first publicly-traded bitcoin investment fund in the world

  • Simply Digital Technologies Inc. (COB CoinSmart)

    Advise on securities regulatory compliance; currently advising on pending reverse-take over of Mesa Exploration Corp.

  • Blockchain developers

    Advise on capital raising, commercial and regulatory aspects of blockchain projects including Layer 1 and Layer 2 protocols, wallets, asset-backed stable coins, video games, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and proposals to structure token issuances in compliance with securities and AML/ATF regulation

  • Canadian public-sector pension plan

    Advised on first digital asset investment in a prominent Silicon Valley-based digital asset hedge fund

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