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Privacy Jurisprudence Review

Author(s): Kristian Brabander, Robert Carson, Tommy Gelbman, Jessica Harding, Craig Lockwood, Julien Morissette

Aug 9, 2023

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The semi-annual Privacy Jurisprudence Review is intended to help busy in-house counsel, Chief Privacy Officers and compliance professionals navigate recent Canadian court decisions, gain a broad understanding of how privacy law is evolving in Canada and prepare for what lies ahead for their organization.

Comprising case summaries accompanied by expert commentary, the Privacy Jurisprudence Review will help readers identify and understand emerging trends while also gaining insight into the potential practical implications of those trends for their organizations within a broader policy context of evolving privacy law.

Recognizing how difficult it can be at times to keep up with developments, the Privacy Jurisprudence Review is intended to serve as a readily-accessible, efficient and practical resource to help readers stay in the know, while saving time.

Special thanks to all the Osler associates involved in authoring these case summaries for their valuable contribution.

Download the full edition: Privacy Jurisprudence Review [PDF]

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Privacy class actions: Data breaches

With an increase in privacy breaches arising from hacking, or loss of personal information, class actions are on the rise.

Read about recent cases in this area of law.

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Privacy and misuse of personal information

Expectations of privacy are challenged with a rise in third-party applications obtaining users’ personal data without consent.

Read about the recent decisions in this area of law.

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Privacy and biometrics/AI

Ongoing investigations into de-identified data raise concerns about informed consent and the vulnerabilities of biometric data.

Read about recent cases in this evolving area of privacy law.

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Access to information

As organizations balance access to information and privacy concerns, document disclosure becomes a critical issue.

Read more about the complex cases in this area of law.

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Privacy and employment

When it comes to safeguarding the personal information of employees, organizations must navigate the complexities of disclosing personal data in compliance with legal requirements.

Read about recent decisions in this area of law.

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Privacy in the dispute resolution process

Privacy rights may not uniformly apply in disputes and may challenge traditional conventions of privilege and confidentiality.

Read about recent cases in this area of law.

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Individuals’ privacy interests

The proper handling, collection and use of personal information is complex and varies across cases.

Read more about the frameworks that safeguard individuals’ privacy rights.

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