Osler BizBasics Series

The Osler BizBasics Series is a a not-for-credit lecture series introducing students to business fundamentals during this lunch-and-learn workshop program.  

In partnership with several Canadian law schools, the Osler lawyers, students and administrative professionals provide students with practical insights in a range of topics, including:

  • Demystifying Business Law – Osler lawyers from various backgrounds “demystify” what practising business law really means while reassuring students that a business background is not a prerequisite for success.
  • The Changing Landscape of Law - Understanding the business of law and how innovation and technology are changing the landscape of the profession.
  • The “Softer” Side of Practice – Exploring the increasing importance of soft skills (e.g. emotional intelligence, Resilience, relationship Building) to a lawyer’s success.
  • Accounting & Finance Primers – A high level primer on financial statements and financing concepts and how these fundamentals allows us to speak our client’s language.


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