What Sets Us Apart


The right mentor can shape your career. As a student at Osler, you will be exposed to experiential training with continuous mentorship, timely feedback, and administrative support. Our unique mentoring program is designed to immerse you in the practice of law through a variety of mentors and practice area rotations.

A member of our Students Committee will act as your personal “Advisor” throughout the summer or articling term. Your advisor will monitor your workload and regularly meet with you to discuss your professional development, feedback from other lawyers, and your overall progress. You will also work with a junior associate “Buddy” in each of your principle practice rotations. Additionally, you will be assigned to a senior partner in your area of interest giving you the unique opportunity to effectively shadow a seasoned lawyer’s practice by accompanying your “Tag-Along Partner” both in and out of the office. All of the above mentors are in addition to a dedicated Director, Student Programs to help you navigate your student experience, including workload, rotations, personal and professional concerns, licensing requirements and associate career planning.

At Osler, we recognize that mentoring is an important part of the development of our student hires. A recent article highlights a mentoring discussion as Mahmud Jamal, former partner, Litigation, shares some valuable insights with Litigation associate W. David Rankin.

A variety of lawyers at every level will provide you with timely and regular feedback to incorporate learnings into your work. With the support of junior and senior mentors, as well as the Students Committee and Student Programs team, your experience at Osler will challenge you in an inspiring environment where you can grow and thrive.

Professional Development

We are committed to the comprehensive professional development of our students and lawyers throughout their careers and across our practice groups. We offer extensive and comprehensive in-house seminars and workshops to foster our continual growth as industry leaders and to provide our clients with the most innovative and current solutions.

We offer one of the most comprehensive professional development programs in Canada. Our high-quality education programs, practice workshops, and discussion forums are designed to develop our expertise as specialists in an increasingly complex business and legal landscape. In-house student seminars and workshops cover all aspects of our practice areas from traditional research and legal writing to critical hands-on skills for managing your practice.


Working with a top firm like Osler, you can expect unparalleled support resources that match the quality of our legal services. This includes dedicated Knowledge Management lawyers who support our practice groups, access to cutting-edge research and information technology, a comprehensive and professionally staffed library, a marketing and business development team, as well as a skilled legal secretarial assistant. In addition to the dedicated Student Programs team, you will be supported by Osler’s very own in-house Career Development Officer. We have the most extensive internal research and precedent collection of any law firm in Canada, as well as an expansive collection of external research resources that are accessible directly from your desktop. Our firm has made a strategic commitment to providing our students and lawyers with fast, easy access to all the information they need, when they need it.