Our Students' Experience

  • Osler provides you with the unique opportunity to help shape the firm and the culture. It is not often that you get the chance to help build an office of a national firm in such a large market. Everyone at Osler is excited to be there and genuinely enjoy working with one another. For students who enjoy a challenge and hands on learning, Osler is the perfect place. You are given interesting and important tasks early on, as well as a great deal of support and feedback to ensure you are truly learning and able to see how the work you do progresses. During my summer I was able to participate in a variety of activities and work on multiple transactions in order to get a better understanding of the work lawyers do and the variety of practice areas out there.

    Megan Young

    Summer Student 2019, Vancouver

  • Osler's training and mentoring initiatives went above and beyond my expectations. Our first two weeks at the firm were devoted to a wide array of training sessions, ranging from research workshops to affidavit-commissioning simulations. Every aspect of our training was thoughtfully designed to prepare us for meaningful, high-level work. I also greatly appreciated Osler’s multi-level mentorship system, where every student is assigned an Articling Buddy, and Associate Buddy, a Tag-Along Partner, and an Advisor. These connections provided invaluable support and guidance on both matters big and small. Altogether, my summer at Osler has been a testament to the firm's investment in its students, and its commitment to providing us with the skills essential to a budding legal career.

    Maryna Polataiko

    2018 Summer Student, 2019/2020 Articling Student, Toronto

  • If your goal is to become an exceptional lawyer, Osler is an ideal place to start your career. From my first day as a summer student, I was engaged in challenging files and learned from mentors who were invested in my development. Without exception, the lawyers were generous with their knowledge and time. They went beyond the “how” and “what” of a given task and discussed the “why”, sharing insights into overall strategy for the file and the role of each team member. 

    The student program provides exposure to the wide range of law practiced at Osler, but also gives students the ability to specialize in areas of interest. I knew that I wanted to do solicitor work, and was able to rotate through the corporate, technology, franchising, and commercial real estate practice groups. Over the course of my summer and articling year, I participated in multi-day negotiations of commercial agreements, did pro-bono leasing work, and assisted with a financing round for one of my favourite apps.

    When I joined the firm, I knew that I would be working with brilliant lawyers and learning alongside talented students; two years later, those people have become my trusted mentors and close friends. I had a wonderful experience as a student and am excited to return as an associate.

    Sarah Sharp

    2016, Summer Student, 2017/2018 Articling Student, Toronto

  • My experience at Osler has been enriching. When looking for a firm in which to summer, my mentor advised me to look for a place I did not intend to leave. After having completed a summer here, I know that this is a place where I can grow. The partners and associates at the firm are committed to the students’ learning experience in a genuine way. I will remember fondly the willingness of partners to take me along to section meetings, to explain concepts to me, and to assist me in reviewing my first assignments. As I summered, I saw a commitment to helping me find the areas in which I would succeed while challenging me to improve in those that were a little more difficult. Most importantly, there is a true commitment to wellness in the firm. Your wellbeing is a priority and is fostered by the kinds of people who care about ensuring you are on your path to a long and fulfilling career as both a lawyer, and a beneficial member of society. The commitment to diversity has gone beyond lip-service; here, I feel seen, heard and celebrated because of my differences rather than in spite of them.

    Abigail Ywaya

    Summer Student, Vancouver

  • Osler is an excellent place to launch a legal career. The top-notch legal training students receive is complemented by a very supportive, friendly, and collegial working environment. The lawyers I work with always take the time to thoroughly explain a task and the context surrounding a particular file, and I’ve never felt shy to ask questions. At Osler, you will be exposed to a diverse scope of challenging work, as well as many opportunities to make meaningful contributions to files. My experience at the firm has been nothing but exceptional. I know I made the right choice by choosing Osler.

    Bushra Nassab

    2019 Summer Student, 2020/2021 Articling Student, Toronto

  • The summer program at Osler has provided me with an extremely rewarding experience filled with growth and learning. From the very first day, it was apparent that everyone considered all students to be an integral part of the team. I was given a high level of independence and responsibility on complex deals, with the perfect amount of mentorship to allow me to challenge myself and push my boundaries, all while having an understanding that I have all the support needed. The “team” culture fostered at Osler provides for a supportive learning environment and I am excited to be coming back to the firm to article next year.

    Jun Lee

    Summer Student, Vancouver

  • What stands out to me about Osler is the extent to which partners and associates went out of their way to provide students with quality work and exceptional learning opportunities. From day one, I was involved in complex and challenging files where my work was valued and I had the opportunity to gain invaluable insights into the practice of law. No matter how big or small the assignment, Osler lawyers always took the time to explain the file in detail and how my assignment fit into the big picture. This allowed me to share in their enthusiasm for the law and for the work that Osler does for its clients.

    Throughout my time as a student as Osler, I developed close friendships with my colleagues that have continued as we transitioned to becoming associates. I can’t think of a better place to have started my legal career.

    Eric Hendry

    2016 Summer Student; 2017/2018 Articling Student

  • Osler’s people are what drew me to the firm, and they are what made my articling experience worthwhile. The firm provides formal mentors and buddies, but I was also able to comfortably reach out to any colleague to ask for advice and assistance. Whenever I did reach out, I was always impressed with how willing people were to take time out of their busy schedule to answer my questions, on everything from practical issues with a file to decisions regarding departments and career choices.

    Osler also made sure that, even as a student, I was deeply involved in the files I was working on and that I had a broad range of experiences. Associates and partners took me along to client meetings, negotiations, and even flew me out to participate in hearings. They also placed a strong emphasis on exposing you to all aspects of the practice area you were interested in, and I was often invited to join my colleagues who were attending legal conferences and luncheons when they knew the topics were related to my areas of interest.

    Articling at Osler, not only did I get to work with exceptional lawyers who were among the best in their field, but also with great people who took an active role in helping me launch my legal career.

    Gajan Sathanathan

    2L Summer Student, 2015, 2016/2017 Articling Student, Toronto

  • Osler is a great place to launch a career in law. The combination of hands-on work experience, in-depth training and team-building initiatives culminates in a fantastic learning environment. The overall experience is enriched by the willingness of lawyers to engage with students and provide unique perspectives.

    Justine Erickson

    Summer Student, 2014, Articling Student, 2015/2016, Toronto

  • As a student at Osler you are assigned a number of formal mentors and will undoubtedly also benefit from the supportive culture of everyone at the firm. Lawyers are always willing to take the time to explain how a student’s work fits into the larger transaction. Lawyers are also encouraged to invite students to client meetings and phone calls, giving students the opportunity to learn firsthand from the top practitioners in their field. During my summer, I had the opportunity to work directly with a partner on the negotiation of a commercial agreement, including attending a series of meetings, both with our client and the vendor.

    Osler’s team-based culture is truly one of the things that make it a great place to work. From day one you will be given meaningful, challenging work that contributes directly towards the final client deliverable. I enjoyed being constantly challenged to learn and take on larger roles on transactions, yet always felt comfortable that I had the support of the other members of the team.

    During the summer program, the student committee puts on a series of “What does a … lawyer do?” talks where members of different practice groups at the firm spend time to provide an overview of their practice area and career path. This was a wonderful opportunity to gain some insight into the work performed by groups that students did not rotate through during their summer and significantly helped me determine which rotations I would like to pursue during articling.

    Andrew Irwin

    Summer Student, 2014, Articling Student, 2015/2016, Toronto

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