Our Students' Experience

  • On May 16, our second day at work, we had the chance to meet some of the firm's clients face-to-face. All summer and articling students were invited to attend a large-scale client event organized by Osler. The partners encouraged us to interact with the 300 people in attendance in order to start learning the ropes of business development. That's how we found ourselves at the Chagall exhibit at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, held as part of the city's 375th anniversary, where we took part in thought-provoking conversations and made memorable contacts. We dove headfirst into a new environment, where we had a very enjoyable time with our colleagues!


    Christopher Griffin

    Summer Student, 2016-2017, Montréal

  • On May 23, Shannon and I had the honour of being invited to the President's Dinner of the Canadian Bar Association, Quebec Branch. Several distinguished guests attended the event, including His Excellency Marc-André Blanchard, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Canada to the United Nations in New York, who was also the keynote speaker, as well as the Honourable Suzanne Côté, a former partner at Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt.

    On the day of the event, I recall being told that I may have a chance to see some of my friends and fellow law students at the dinner. However, to my great surprise, this wasn't the case. Shannon and I were clearly the most junior attendees and were surrounded by lawyers and judges with several years of experience under their belts.

    This wasn't the first time I was in a situation like this. During my first summer, in 2016, the firm invited its students to all sorts of conferences, benefits and other events bringing together Montreal's business and legal community. Without a doubt, the firm is proud of its students and likes to include them in the activities that Osler participates in. I've already been encouraged to become an ambassador for Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt.

    Maude Fortin-Massé

    Summer Student, 2016-2017, Montréal

  • As soon as I started at Osler, I noticed how important community involvement is to the firm. Not only does Osler participate in several social initiatives, such as Community Day, where all Osler employees in Montreal volunteer for a community organization for the day, and Pedal for Kids, it also takes on a number of pro bono cases. After I expressed an interest in helping with pro bono work, I was immediately given a key role in a case involving freedom of speech.  Having done a fair amount of pro bono work in university, I was pleased to be able to continue to be involved in such causes in a professional environment.

    My experience thus far has been extremely rewarding. Working alongside Osler's talented and brilliant team of lawyers has enabled me to learn quickly. Not only are they always willing to answer my questions, but the firm's lawyers value my ideas and my work. I can't wait to see what the rest of the summer holds!

    Shannon Daly

    Summer Student, 2017, Montréal

  • Osler’s people are what drew me to the firm, and they are what made my articling experience worthwhile. The firm provides formal mentors and buddies, but I was also able to comfortably reach out to any colleague to ask for advice and assistance. Whenever I did reach out, I was always impressed with how willing people were to take time out of their busy schedule to answer my questions, on everything from practical issues with a file to decisions regarding departments and career choices.

    Osler also made sure that, even as a student, I was deeply involved in the files I was working on and that I had a broad range of experiences. Associates and partners took me along to client meetings, negotiations, and even flew me out to participate in hearings. They also placed a strong emphasis on exposing you to all aspects of the practice area you were interested in, and I was often invited to join my colleagues who were attending legal conferences and luncheons when they knew the topics were related to my areas of interest.

    Articling at Osler, not only did I get to work with exceptional lawyers who were among the best in their field, but also with great people who took an active role in helping me launch my legal career.

    Gajan Sathanathan

    2L Summer Student, 2015, 2016/2017 Articling Student, Toronto

  • I could not have asked for a more fulfilling summer experience than my summer with Osler. Throughout the summer I was expected to deliver high-quality work on interesting and complicated files. While the assigned tasks were challenging, the formal training program and the support provided by the assigning lawyers enabled me to make valuable contributions to files. Beyond the work that I was assigned, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to tag along to a hearing at the Court of Appeal; to participate in charity sporting events in support of the Special Olympics and SickKids Foundation; and to connect with students, associates and partners at various social events throughout the summer. I look forward to returning to Osler for a second summer.

    Matt Budd

    1L Summer Student, 2014, 2L Summer Student, 2015, Toronto

  • Osler is a great place to launch a career in law. The combination of hands-on work experience, in-depth training and team-building initiatives culminates in a fantastic learning environment. The overall experience is enriched by the willingness of lawyers to engage with students and provide unique perspectives.

    Justine Erickson

    Summer Student, 2014, Articling Student, 2015/2016, Toronto

  • Osler’s unique culture is defined by its professional and sophisticated individuals, yet friendly and approachable working environment. The firm’s continuous commitment to personal and professional training sets it apart from other Canadian law firms and provides you with the necessary tools to succeed in your future career.

    Jory Hennick

    1L Summer Student, 2014, 2016/2017 Articling Student, Toronto

  • As a student at Osler you are assigned a number of formal mentors and will undoubtedly also benefit from the supportive culture of everyone at the firm. Lawyers are always willing to take the time to explain how a student’s work fits into the larger transaction. Lawyers are also encouraged to invite students to client meetings and phone calls, giving students the opportunity to learn firsthand from the top practitioners in their field. During my summer, I had the opportunity to work directly with a partner on the negotiation of a commercial agreement, including attending a series of meetings, both with our client and the vendor.

    Osler’s team-based culture is truly one of the things that make it a great place to work. From day one you will be given meaningful, challenging work that contributes directly towards the final client deliverable. I enjoyed being constantly challenged to learn and take on larger roles on transactions, yet always felt comfortable that I had the support of the other members of the team.

    During the summer program, the student committee puts on a series of “What does a … lawyer do?” talks where members of different practice groups at the firm spend time to provide an overview of their practice area and career path. This was a wonderful opportunity to gain some insight into the work performed by groups that students did not rotate through during their summer and significantly helped me determine which rotations I would like to pursue during articling.

    Andrew Irwin

    Summer Student, 2014, Articling Student, 2015/2016, Toronto

  • At Osler, I have had the opportunity to take on interesting and sophisticated work as part of a team built upon respect and collegiality. The firm’s first-rate resources have provided me with the support that I have needed to perform to the full extent of my abilities and the lawyers have always been willing to take the time to answer my questions and engage in thought-provoking discussion. In addition, I have been proud to work at a firm that supports a wide range of community initiatives. One initiative that I took on during my articling term was to co-chair Give a Night, an annual event organized with the Stephen Lewis Foundation and Dignitas International to support their fight against HIV/AIDS in Africa. There is no shortage of volunteer opportunities at the firm. From working with Law Help Ontario at small claims court, to organizing fundraising events, Osler’s support of my involvement has enriched my summer and articling experience.

    Natalie Livshitz

    Student, 2014, Articling Student, 2015/2016, Toronto

  • Students at Osler are put in the best possible position to succeed. I had the opportunity to perform a variety of complex tasks while benefitting from the oversight and feedback of some of the top lawyers in their respective fields. I also had the opportunity to attend hearings at the Superior Court, Court of Appeal, and Ontario Labour Relations Board, which enriched my experience as a student and helped give me a sense of what kind of lawyer I wanted to be. Beyond work, the planned (and unplanned) social events ensured that I quickly became part of a close-knit community. Overall, I couldn’t have hoped for a better experience.

    James Marton

    Summer Student, 2014, Articling Student, 2015/2016, Toronto

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